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AeroGarden Pro 100
What is an AeroGarden?
The AeroGarden is a self-contained, indoor aeroponic (form of hydroponics) gardening appliance. You can use it to grow contiuous herbs, vegetables, flowers, salad greens and even your own seeds with using "blank" pods.
How Does it Work?
The AeroGarden uses aeroponics, a technology where plant roots dangle in the air and are drizzled with water and nutrients to simulate a perfect growing enviorment for plants. The AeroGarden system provides the optimal amount of light, nutrients, water and air at the right times to produce optimal growth. The end result is lightning-fast growth, much faster than if you were to plant and grow in rich potting soil or dirt. In fact, it has been proven that the AeroGarden grows twice as fast as if you planted in dirt. The extended arm on the Deluxe, Pro 200 and AeroGarden 6 Elite models allows for full-sized plants like tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers and more.
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How it Works?

How many AeroGarden models are there and what's the difference?

Up until early 2008, there was just 1 flagship model, the AeroGarden Classic (7-Pod). But now they have expanded their product line to include several models with over 20 different color/ feature combinations. Here's an attempt to explain them all:

Extra 7-Pod AeroGardens

AeroGarden Extra and Extra Elite (7-Pod) - Black & Black with Stainless Trim
AeroGarden Extra is the same form-factor as the AeroGarden Classic 7-Pod, how ever it has a lamp post that is 2 feet tall, instead of 1 foot. It also has an upgraded lamp hood that contains 3 upgraded grow bulbs. Both of these combined make for "twice the light and twice the height" of the Classic model. If you're growing tall plants, this is the model to get.

Classic 6/7-Pod AeroGardens

AeroGarden Classic (6/7-Pod) - Black, White, Silver, & Black with Stainless Trim
The original flagship unit that started it all. This 7-Pod AeroGarden high-output countertop unit has 2 round grow bulbs and water pump system that pumps water and nutrients over plant roots. The benefits of the AeroGarden 7 includes up to 5 months of continuous harvests, grows up to twice as fast as dirt and starts up to 66 seedlings with AeroGrow's Garden Starter Tray.

3-Pod AeroGardens

AeroGarden 3 - Black, White, Silver, Elite (Black with Stainless Steel Accents) Pink, Yellow, Lime, Blue, Orange, LadyBug, Bumble Bee & Penguin

The AeroGarden 3 the smallest of all of the AeroGarden models. It's basically the size of a coffee-maker and has 3 pods. It uses the Advanced Growing System (AGS), has 1 flat grow bulb and comes with either a Gourmet Herb or English Cottage Seed Kit. These units are great for your office or cubical desk or anywhere you want to add a little life and nature. They look great growing flowers.

Seed Kits, Grow Bulbs & Accessories
Seed Kits - Choose from many varieties of herbs, vegetables, salad greens and flowers.

Custom Seed Kits - Choose from three different types of custom seed kits. Design your own kit with herbs, salad greens or flowers.

Grow Bulbs & Accessories - There are a wide variety of accessories you can purchase for use with your AeroGarden to make your gardening experience more fun and meaningful.

Shop Online
The best place to shop online for AeroGardens is the Offical AeroGarden Online Store. Here you'll find the full line of AeroGarden models, seed kits and accessories. The Customer Service is top notch from the company and you get FREE SHIPPING on all orders over $50.